Brad Treliving Finally Opens Up About The Matthews Extension

James Connelly
August 25, 2023  (7:08 PM)

Brad Treliving has spoken to the media for the first time since Auston Matthews signed his groundbreaking extension.

Matthews Commits to Four-Year Extension

Auston Matthews has solidified his future by signing an unprecedented contract extension, orchestrated by Brad Treliving, showcasing the team's dedication to its star player.
Auston Matthews has rewritten NHL history with an extraordinary contract that sets a new standard for annual value.
With an impressive Average Annual Value (AAV) of $13.25 million, Matthews' contract takes the lead in cap. While this agreement marks a momentous occasion for the Leafs and their fans, it's important to note that the commitment is for a relatively brief four-year term, not the maximum term of eight years.

Treliving Reveals Why It's Only Four Years

Treliving, the architect of this pivotal agreement, has shared his reasoning behind the four-year duration.
"You're talking about one of the world's best talents. And in the situation he was in, he could come in and demand a whole lot more than what he got. And that's just the reality.... To me, it was a partnership more than it was a negotiation."

When directly asked about the four-year term, Treliving provided a clear and thoughtful explanation.
I'd go back to that word I used earlier, "balance." You're absolutely right.

A guy once asked me, on a contract I was working on, "Are you close?" I said, "Yeah, we are getting there. There are only two issues We just got to figure out the term and the money."

That is all there is in these contracts. Two things: term and money. They're intertwined. To me, we found that balance there.

You have to look at the landscape we are in. You have to look at the player. Where is the cap going? We all think and hope there is growth and significant growth over the next while.

It's about trying to find that balance where it all fits and works for the player and you can continue to have flexibility to build around our best player. It works hand-in-hand. We just felt throughout this process that we landed on a spot where there was balance — balance in the number of years.

This contract is a big contract, but I remember his last one, too. People thought, "What is going to happen after?" We will deal with that when the time comes, but he just signed another contract.

Auston reiterated throughout the process that he is committed to the team. He is committed to the city. We landed on a spot that felt right and worked for everybody.

The evident satisfaction on both sides of the deal is a reassuring sign. Securing Matthews' contract was an undeniable priority for the Leafs, allowing them to confidently shift their focus to upcoming extensions, such as William Nylander's, and the eventual negotiation with Mitch Marner.
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Brad Treliving Finally Opens Up About The Matthews Extension

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