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MAJOR: NHL Referees Accused of Rigging A Game Last Night After Video Evidence Surfaces

Published January 1, 2024 at 5:17 PM

In a surprising turn during the recent Montreal Canadiens vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game, an NHL referee is accused of manipulating the outcome.

Kovacevic Scores A Puzzling Goal

The confusion happened in the second period when defenseman Jonathan Kovacevic scored an extremely rare goal. The Tampa Bay Lightning believed the play was stopped as music started playing but the ref never blew the whistle.

Players from both teams headed to the bench and goalie Jonas Johansson left his crease, giving Kovacevic a chance for an empty-net goal.

This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

The whistle never blows, music starts playing in the arena and Kovacevic recognizes that Johansson left the TBL net because he thought the play was dead.

Insane goal.

After the goal fans were infuriated as everybody except for Kovacevic and the controversial referee thought the play was dead.

Video Evidence:

A new video that has gotten over 100,000 views shows the referee giving instructions to Kovacevic. The referee initially seemed ready to stop the play but changed his mind, letting Kovacevic know the game was still on.

It is sometimes difficult for players to realize that play is dead and whenever music starts playing, it almost always a sign that play was blown dead. Luckily, the Lightning overcame the adversity, securing a victory despite the controversy.

As seen on House of Hockey - NHL Referee Caught On Camera Rigging A Game Between The Lightning And The Canadiens
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MAJOR: NHL Referees Accused of Rigging A Game Last Night After Video Evidence Surfaces

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