Sidney Crosby Gives Connor Bedard Important Advice on His Rookie Season

Published October 1, 2023 at 8:55 PM

Sidney Crosby knows how to deal with pressure, and he recently gave Bedard some important advice for his upcoming rookie season.

Crosby Wants Bedard to Enjoy His Rookie Year

If Sidney Crosby gives you advice on how to deal with a rookie season, you listen, as the 2005 first-overall pick was hyped just as much as Bedard currently is, and was able to score over 100 points in his first year in the NHL. His advice for Bedard? Enjoy the ride.

«Just enjoy it,» said Crosby as per Molinari. «I still remember so much of my first year, all these years later. Going into buildings for the first time, cities. Playing against guys every night that you were watching the year before. You get up for that challenge, but also, you want to enjoy it, because you only have that first year once, and there's so much that's so cool about it. He's going to want to do well, but (he should) try to enjoy it as much as he can.»


With all the pressure facing Bedard, this is important advice. Crosby knows how quickly an NHL career goes by, as he enters into the final years of his.

Crosby Wants Bedard to Say No When Possible

Crosby also gave some interesting advice to Bedard regarding all the off-ice media and distractions that come with being the first overall pick. He hopes Bedard is able to say no to more things, in order to keep the pressure to a minimum, where possible.

«Maybe I would have said ‘No,' a little bit more,» Crosby said. «There were a lot of demands, as far as interviews. You become pretty busy, not just on the ice, but off the ice. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, as it is. He's got a lot of pressure, but I'm sure he puts a lot on himself. That's probably the pressure that he feels the most."


If Bedard's preseason performance is any indication, its safe to say he has the work ethic and skill to live up to expectations.

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Sidney Crosby Gives Connor Bedard Important Advice on His Rookie Season

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