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NHL Team Reporter Calls Out Kris Letang For Getting Favoritism From Referees

Published December 22, 2023 at 5:12 PM

This week an NHL reporter has called out Kris Letang and NHL referees for giving the Penguins defenseman preferential treatment.

Reporter Calls Out Letang For Getting Favoritism From Referees

On Tuesday NHL reporter for the Minnesota Wild Michael Russo called out the NHL, their referees and Kris Letang. Russo claims that Letang embellishes and dives during plays and the NHL knows and does nothing to curb his behavior.

"Letang did same thing on Eriksson Ek penalty last night. He's done this for years and refs keep falling for it. In the #mnwild's last 2 losses, 3-3 ties were snapped after dives from Letang and Kane. No motivation for them to stop when refs keep giving them the benefit of doubt"

This is a major accusation to call one of the NHL's most well-respected players a diver. However, it is a claim that seems to be backed up throughout NHL history.

Letang Faces Constant Calls Outs For Diving In His Career

A quick search on X reveals that this is not an isolated incident and that potentially Russo has a point.

Posts from throughout Letang's career confirm that fans agree Letang dives too much. However, if Letang was not called out on it to this point in his career he likely never will be.

Unfortunately in the NHL diving is just one of those rules that can be subjective. When a call is subjective a player with more star power is known to get favorable calls in any sport. Letang is no different in this case.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - NHL Insider calls out Kris Letang for diving Is Letang good at embellishing?
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NHL Team Reporter Calls Out Kris Letang For Getting Favoritism From Referees

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