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Defenseman Emerging as Winnipeg Jets' Best Option for the Trade Deadline

Published December 22, 2023 at 1:41 PM

The Winnipeg Jets will be looking to add to their roster come trade deadline day, and this potential move could shore up their defence if they choose to make it.

Jets Could Make A Move To Aquire This Defenseman

If the Winnipeg Jets are going to make a move at the deadline, they should be considering their options now. Many fans and analysts are calling for the Jets to add a defenseman, like what seems like every other team in the NHL, to shore up their blueline for a post-season push.

However, the Jets defensively aren't doing that bad. If they were looking to add on the blue line, one option could be Andrew Peeke from the Columbus Blue Jackets. Logan Cooley is rumoured to have interest across the league and could be the other half of the move, along with a second-round pick they acquired from LA.

Bruce Garrioch from Ottawa alleges multiple teams have interest in Logan Stanley. So let's say the second-round pick acquired from the trade between the LA Kings and Stanley are the two pieces being moved out. The Jets have 4.8 million in cap space for the deadline.

I would like to see a guy like Andrew Peeke from the Columbus Blue Jackets. He is a big right-shot defenseman. He wouldn't play on the top pairing with Josh Morrissey, but you have him with Brendan Dillon or even on the third pair with Samberg. He adds size and grit to the back end. The Jets could get him in for the rest of the season and the next two seasons for just 2.7 million.

Jets Will Need That Extra Piece to Be a True Contender

The Jets are sitting in a nice position in the standings, although I am sure they would like to find that one extra piece that would make them a problem for any team in the playoffs. Right now, their blueline is just fine, however, they want to be great to make a run down the line.

As of right now, I don't know if I would make any changes in the defenseman department. For the current price, the Jets pay the defensemen; how would you make them better? Yeah, Nate Schmidt is the obvious player to trade out, but who is going to eat that contract? They will need to move at least a second-round pick to move his contract.

As well, the pairing of Schmidt and Dylan Samberg has an expected goals against of 5.9 which is second best in the NHL accord . I don't know if I would break that up. But if I had to, I would go to Columbus to get the right-shot defenseman the Jets need.

We will see what the Jets decide to do at the deadline.

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Defenseman Emerging as Winnipeg Jets' Best Option for the Trade Deadline

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