Kyle Dubas Accused of Tampering Amidst Acceptance of New President Role

Published June 1, 2023 at 3:21 PM

Kyle Dubas is only a few hours into his new role as the Penguins' President of Hockey Operations, yet he's already stirring up controversy. This time, Dubas and the Penguins are being accused of tampering.

Dubas Accused of Tampering

Kyle Dubas publicly stated before his departure from Toronto that it was his intention to either stay in Toronto or take some time off to be with his family. Now, just weeks after his firing, Dubas has found himself with a major role in the Pittsburgh Penguins front office.

While it's entirely possible that the Penguins reached out to Dubas after his firing from Toronto, some new evidence suggests otherwise.

Reporter Takes Shots at Dubas

Arash Madani, a reporter who usually covers the MLB, sent out a series of Tweets criticizing Dubas for the move, and calling him out for potential tampering.

I swear I'm old enough to remember Kyle Dubas saying he would work in Toronto next season, or nowhere else!

Reminder No. 67,872: what's said publicly is what executives and coaches want you to believe. It's their narrative.

The *actual* truths are a bunch of layers further.

There is NEVER tampering in pro sports. There's no way Dubas knew Pittsburgh would have an offer for him when he said what he did in Toronto after the Round 2 loss.

There's no way he used that press conference to orchestrate his exit, knowing that this gig was waiting for him. - Arash Madani

Madani suggests that Dubas knew of Pittsburgh's offer before he was officially done with the Leafs, and used his final press conference as a tool to get Shanahan to fire him early, in order to join Pittsburgh sooner.

This is entirely possible, and something that the league should look into. While it's hard to prove anything, it makes sense.

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Kyle Dubas Accused of Tampering Amidst Acceptance of New President Role

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