John Tortorella yelling at the Officials during a Philadelphia Flyers game.
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The NHL Discloses Reasons for John Tortorella's Harsh Punishment

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:42

John Tortorella was recently in the limelight for his refusal to leave the bench after being ejected from a game, and the NHL has now disclosed why he was suspended for so long for his decision.

John Tortorella Suspended For Refusal To Leave Bench After Being Ejected

Everyone knows that John Tortorella has a firey personality, that is one of the characteristics that makes him such a great coach. However, this personality trait got him into some trouble recently, as he was ejected from the game against the Washington Capitals. When he was ejected, though, he refused to leave the bench, getting him into more trouble.

John Tortorella is livid after getting ejected from the game...

He was getting some love on social media for his refusal to listen to officials, however, it ended up getting him into more trouble, as he was suspended for 2 games for his actions.

NHL Reveals That Tortorella Set a Dangerous Precedent With his Actions

The NHL came out with a justification for its 2 game suspension, saying that Tortorella set a dangerous precedent for the future. The NHL does not want coaches to blatantly ignore Officials' decisions during games.

NHL told PHI that Tortorella set a dangerous precedent by refusing to leave the bench.

But fair to question the handling by the officials - a rookie who struggled dealing with an emotional game and a veteran who felt pressure to take control & (possibly) overreacted.

Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the justification, saying that he believes the Officials should reveal what was said, as it might provide some clarification on the reaction.

Do you think 2 games is justified?

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The NHL Discloses Reasons for John Tortorella's Harsh Punishment

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