REPORT: Flyers GM Scared About Matvei Michkov's Future

Published August 27, 2023 at 5:58 PM

Matvei Michkov's development is now entirely out of Philadelphia's control and that has left Flyers GM, Danny Briere, worried about whats to come.

Briere Expresses Concerns Regarding Michkov

In the 2023 draft, opinions on Matvei Michkov were divided. Some saw him as on par with Connor Bedard in terms of talent, while others considered him a risky pick not even worth taking.

The Philadelphia Flyers ended up choosing Michkov as the 7th pick. Flyers GM Daniel Briere has openly admitted his worries about this decision.

Briere said the following:

Are we scared? Yes, like everyone else. That's probably why he fell to us at #7.

We hope and trust that one day he'll want to come and play. We know he wants to play in the NHL, but a lot of things have to fall into place." - Daniel Briere

Briere's concerns revolve around key factors. Michkov needs to finish his KHL contract and want to move to the NHL. There are also factors not under Michkov's control like Russia's war with Ukraine and there may be sanctions when it is time to come over.

These factors are obviously not under Philadelphia's control. So, the team is left waiting to see if Michkov will make the move or if their 7th pick was a missed opportunity.

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REPORT: Flyers GM Scared About Matvei Michkov's Future

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