REPORT: Rangers Have A Plan To Trade Lafreniere If Things Head South

Published August 25, 2023 at 9:07

Alexis Lafreniere has struggled to adjust to the NHL level and the Rangers are letting him know he is on his last legs in New York.

Lafreniere's Struggles

Since being drafted 1st overall back in 2020, Alexis Lafreniere has struggled. His draft year saw Lafreniere score 112 points in 52 QMJHL games, a pace similar to many other first-overall picks, and had 10 points in 5 WJC games.

In his first NHL season, he registered 21 points in 56 games. While this was worrying, many thought Lafreniere would break out in his second season. His second season was not all that much better. He had 31 points in 79 games as a sophomore.

Last year everybody thought it would finally be when Lafreniere established himself as a star. He had 39 points in 81 games which is simply subpar for a 1st overall pick. He has not been given an opportunity to play at the top of the lineup and it's showing with his lack of production.


The Rangers' Plan For Lafreniere

Recently, Lafreniere signed a two-year extension with the Rangers, a prove-it type deal, and many in the hockey community have shared their insight.

Top inside Elliotte Friedman said the following:

"Everybody is kind of in a position where they're saying, look, we're going to try this under a new coach, see where it goes if it's not good next summer then I think you can move him at a number that I think teams can handle because I just think if it's another year likes this they're probably going to have to move onTo me it's a 2-yr deal, but it's a 1-yr deal in New York and then we will see» - Elliotte Friedman

The sense is quite clear. If he is not successful, then he is traded to a new team. If he is successful, he will earn a pay raise in 2025. This will put a lot of pressure under Lafreniere but if he can prove to be worth it, then we could see him finally emerge as a star player.

As seen on Blade of Steel - New York Rangers already have a plan to trade Lafreniere
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REPORT: Rangers Have A Plan To Trade Lafreniere If Things Head South

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