Top Insider Comments On William Nylander's Contract Situation

James Connelly
August 24, 2023  (9:00 PM)

Insider Darren Dreger recently shared insights about when we might expect William Nylander to sign his next contract.

Dreger's Comments On The Nylander Situation
During a discussion on OverDrive1050, TSN insider Darren Dreger talked about the ongoing contract situation with William Nylander. Dreger's input was really informative.
Host: "Speaking with TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger, who I'm just assuming brought the crystal ball with him on the three-day drive to Southern Manitoba, if you can inquire, when are we going to get a deal done for Nylander? How long do you think it is?"

Dreger: "Well, I think that the player would have to agree for it to happen anytime soon. I do. And, you know, the messages that I keep receiving from my sources are, look, we're just going to have to wait and see. And I inquired earlier today about what we speculated on a couple of minutes ago. What if they went with a mega eight-year deal? And what if that number was around 9 million? Could they do that? And again, I received a non-answer back. We'll have to wait and see. So I'm going to apply that to the possibility of Nylander signing or not signing a contract extension. But as we've already established through a number of different sources here, time is on the side of the team. They don't want to lose him. They're going to continue to work on it. There's no contention here. At least I don't get that sense. It's not progressing as smoothly as it did with Matthews. But there's still time, so it's impossible to say if it'll get done anytime soon. I'd be very surprised if a deal was completed before the start of the season. I'd be genuinely surprised."

What We Can Take Away


Dreger's comments gave us some important information about how things might unfold for the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander. Despite worries that Nylander might not sign a contract before training camp, Dreger doesn't seem to think that's very likely.
It also seems like Nylander and his agent are playing their cards close to their chest, which is a smart move to keep their bargaining power.
The Maple Leafs still have more than 10 months to figure out a deal with Nylander before any real pressure sets in. They're expected to work closely with Nylander and his agent, Lewis Gross, to make sure he remains a part of the Toronto team for a long time.
As seen on Hockey Patrol - TSN Insider Reveals When We Can Expect A Nylander Contract
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Top Insider Comments On William Nylander's Contract Situation

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