Artemi Panarin In Legal Trouble After Incident In Russia

Published August 15, 2023 at 5:37 PM

Artemi Panarin has reportedly gotten himself into some legal trouble while back home in Russia.

Panarin Arrested

According to multiple sources, Panarin was detained for sh**ting a g*n in an unauthorized area. He was detained by the Moshensky District of the Police Department in Russia. He reportedly fired several shots before being detained. The following is from the news source in Russia that reported the arrest:

However, taking into account the circumstances mitigating administrative liability (Artemiy Panarin pleaded guilty and committed such an offense for the first time), the Borovichi District Court found him guilty of committing the AP and imposed an administrative penalty of a fine of 40,000 rubles with confiscation of the g*n

The same source has also reported that the court ruling has not been enforced yet and that Panarin could potentially appeal the ruling.

The court ruling has not entered into force and may well be appealed

Panarin's NHL Season In Trouble After Arrest?

It is not often that an NHL star is arrested on g*n charges so there is not much of a precedent for repercussions. If the NHL follows the way other leagues such as the NBA or the NFL punish such charges Panarin could be looking at anything from a big fine to a suspension of some kind. Now given that this did not happen in North America the NHL may not take action at all potentially.
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Artemi Panarin In Legal Trouble After Incident In Russia

Will Artemi Panarin face discipline from the NHL?

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