Former Oiler Looks Set to Return to Canada in a Major Trade

Published December 6, 2023 at 12:16

In recent news, defenseman Tyson Barrie was granted permission to speak to other teams involving a trade with the Nashville Predators. Barrie, who will be a free agent next season, was traded to the Predators for Maties Ekholm by the Edmonton Oilers.

What kind of defenseman is Tyson Barrie

Tyson Barrie, is a well-rounded defenseman, with good speed and on-the-fly playmaking ability. His gameplay is perfected by a good defensive awareness rating, with good offensive prowess.

Barrie is an asset on a team, because of his ability to move the puck and fight on the boards, with an aggressive attitude.

Tyson Barrie's time in Edmonton and Nashville

Barrie's time with the Edmonton Oilers was a unique stint, because of the responsibility he had with the Oilers, and the reason he was a good fit for the team.

Before being traded to the Nashville Predators, Barrie was being overused by the Oiler team and had trouble adjusting. He is still playing with the Predator's team and is still considered a defensive asset to the team he plays with.

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Former Oiler Looks Set to Return to Canada in a Major Trade

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