Retired NHL Veteran Makes Shocking Claim About Former NHL Team

Published December 6, 2023 at 9:42

This retired NHL veteran with over 700 games played has just made a shocking claim about his former team, the Ottawa Senators, in a recent interview.

Del Zotto Makes Shocking Claim About Senators During Interview

Michael Del Zotto played on many teams throughout his over 700-game NHL career. The last of those teams was the Ottawa Senators, where he played 26 games in his last NHL season before the Senators sent him down to the AHL.

Now, Del Zotto had some choice words for the Senators, saying they sent him down just to send a message to the team.

"During my time in Ottawa I got sent down to the minors because they wanted to wake the team up. I was told at the end of the season, 'oh, you were the scapegoat. Your teammates liked you and we had to send you down to shake things up.' In what world is that normal?"

Del Zotto Was Performing Pretty Well In Ottawa Before Being Sent Down

Del Zotto could have a point here. While it's not always clear why a player gets sent down other than if they are playing poorly, Del Zotto doesn't seem to be that case. He had 13 points in 26 games in that year with the Senators, which is certainly good for his own usual point pace.

Here's Michael Del Zotto talking about his time in Ottawa.

MDZ was signed to a two-year deal at $2M/year in July 2021. He played 26 games and was sent down by the Sens in December 2021, then bought out the next summer.

Clearly, the Senators were not good that year and needed something to change. Unfortunately, they likely made a shortsighted decision to send Del Zotto down instead of making harder decisions that would help the team.

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Retired NHL Veteran Makes Shocking Claim About Former NHL Team

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