A Final Decision On Trade Rumors Involving Fleury Has Been Made

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February 28, 2024  (3:36 PM)

Marc-André Fleury of the Minnesota Wild
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The path to the playoffs is closing rapidly as teams are starting to make their final decisions about their lineups ahead of the trade deadline. With so many players scrambling, the Wild have announced one of theirs that will not be going anywhere.

Minnesota Decides To Keep Fleury Ahead Of Trade Deadline

Minnesota has not had a particularly astonishing season, currently standing at 23rd overall with 20 fewer points than some of the leading teams. Yet, one of the players credited with keeping them from the bottom has just been announced as a keeper.
"One important development as we head towards the trade deadline: Minnesota has indicated it will not move Marc-André Fleury. They are happy to keep him."

Marc-André Fleury is generally considered a skilled goaltender with a current season GAA of 2.92 and a save percentage of nearly 90 percent, it is not hard for many to understand why Minnesota would want to keep him. Yet, for some fans, this decision seems more myopic than anything else.

Fans Divided On Marc-André Fleury Staying In Minnesota

While some fans appreciate the choice of the Wild maintaining Fleury, other fans are not too happy. Although his season stats are not something to laugh at, they are not as good as they used to be. It also cannot be denied that The Flower is getting older, now at 39 years, and he is likely only going to continue downward as a player, as some NHL followers have expressed.
Other fans critical of this choice have argued that though he is a team asset, this will likely ruin his chance at another Stanley Cup, which, given his age, is a genuine concern.
Though some of Fleury's fans are not happy about him potentially losing a chance to make the playoffs again, some are happy that this player is getting the respect and recognition he deserves, as one NHL fan and father expressed in response to the announcement.
"As much as I would love to see flower make another cup runrespect the hell out of the Wild for respecting one of the greatest to put the pads onand arguably the most loveable guy. He has been my son's hero since he could talk"

While we do not know if he has a chance to earn another Cup, we can all appreciate the player Marc-André Fleury is and hope to see him continue in the NHL as long as he can.
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A Final Decision On Trade Rumors Involving Fleury Has Been Made

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