Warren Foegele signs three year deal with LA Kings

Mark Parsons
July 1, 2024  (1:14 PM)

Warren Foegele signs three year deal with LA Kings
Photo credit: Sportsnet

In a notable off-season move, the Los Angeles Kings have signed Warren Foegele to a three-year contract, reportedly in the mid-$3 million range per year.

This acquisition comes as part of an un official "swap", with Victor Arvidsson heading to the Edmonton Oilers. The Kings are clearly focused on enhancing their roster with players who can contribute both offensively and defensively.

Foegle and Arvidsson both sign with Round 1 opponents

Foegele, who played with the Edmonton Oilers last season, is known for his speed, aggressive forechecking, and solid two-way play. During his time with the Oilers, he notched 26 points in 67 games, proving himself as a reliable secondary scorer and a versatile winger. His experience and skills are expected to add depth and consistency to the Kings' lineup.
For the Kings, acquiring Foegele addresses their need for a player who can bolster their middle six forward group. Foegele's defensive reliability and offensive potential make him a valuable asset, especially as the Kings aim to improve their playoff performance. The team is looking to build on last season's efforts and make a deeper run in the postseason, and Foegele's addition is a step in that direction.
Conversely, the Oilers benefit from adding Victor Arvidsson, a dynamic winger known for his scoring touch and playmaking abilities. Arvidsson's arrival in Edmonton adds an exciting dimension to their offensive lineup, potentially making them even more formidable opponents.
There's speculation that Foegele will bring a much-needed edge to the Kings, particularly in their matchups against his former team, the Oilers. After three consecutive years of playoff losses to Edmonton, Foegele now has the chance to help his new team turn the tide. His familiarity with the Oilers' playstyle could prove advantageous in crucial games.
Overall, the swap between Foegele and Arvidsson signifies strategic moves by both the Kings and the Oilers, aiming to address specific team needs and improve their chances for success in the upcoming NHL seasons.