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Shocking Statistic Reveals How Referees Are Biased Against The Oilers

Published February 24, 2024 at 10:47 PM

The Oilers had a rocky start to their season but had a massive turnaround with a 16-game winning streak. Yet, close followers of Edmonton have started to notice a trend.

Referees Accused Of Deliberate Bias Against Oilers

Recently, referees of Oilers games have been taking the heat, as allegations of bias have started to rise. Recently, they have been attacked for mistreating Draisaitl, which reached headlines after Kurt Leavins' comments in the Edmonton Journal started to take weight.

"If you have watched the games, you will know that Draisaitl is repeatedly being kicked out. And a majority of those are over the most minute of issues. I covered hockey for 35+ years. I played at a decent level. I was even also a linesman at one point. I am telling you, something here smells. If I were the Oilers I would be crying foul."

However, it seems as though this single-player bias accusation is not holding much water, as Oilers fans started to do the research themselves.

Shocking Statistic Reveals Clear Bias Against Oilers

Recently, one dedicated fan tallied up the numbers for Draisaitl, and it already looked suspicious. For someone with such a high faceoff record, he was getting kicked out an awful lot.

"I spend more time wondering about this than I should. It's not just draisaitl, but there is not a game that goes by where a powerplay or offensive faceoff that he lines up and doesn't get kicked. It's a huge number per game. Is 10% sus? 20%? What is his compared to league?"

This is already pretty incriminating evidence, but more statistics have emerged that make this case seem open and shut.

"Potentially worth keeping an eye on: since Jan 1, Edmonton is 15-3-1, tied for 2nd in the league with 31 points.

In that time, the Oilers are 30th in the NHL in powerplay opportunities per game at a measly 2.53.

Good teams get the calls, I thought?"

With such an astounding season since the start of the year, most people would expect Edmonton to have one of the highest amounts of powerplay opportunities. However, they are third from the bottom and have a terrible ratio of only 2.53 per game. Any reasonable statistician would find this indicative of mistreatment of the team at large.

While there is currently no physical proof that the referees are taking action against Edmonton, it is evident there is some foul play afoot. With so many star players, though, the Oilers still have a chance to navigate beyond this challenging situation.

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Shocking Statistic Reveals How Referees Are Biased Against The Oilers

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