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Elliotte Friedman Linked The Oilers To Two Anaheim Players

Published February 24, 2024 at 9:57 PM

The Oilers have had a relatively volatile season, shifting up and down the rankings from the beginning. There should be no shock that this team would be looking to trade ahead of the deadline, but the two players they are interested in may surprise you.

Freidman Links Oilers To Two Anaheim Players

During the intermission of today's game, Sports Journalist Elliotte Friedman provided hockey fans with an interesting revelation. It appears that the Oilers are interested in two players from the Anaheim Ducks.

"Friedman at the intermission says the Oilers have interest in 2 players from Anaheim: Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick, not sure if it's both as a pair or just one of them."

Carrick and Henrique are both older players, at 32 and 34 years old respectively. Though this seems to be an unusual choice for the team, Friedman explained their reasoning in a reply to a fan asking about their thoughts on players from Dallas.

"He said behind the scenes they are one of the more aggressive teams, they're looking for defence and depth.

Although it is not certain either of these players will be traded, it will certainly be interesting to watch how this team changes leading up to the trade deadline.
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Elliotte Friedman Linked The Oilers To Two Anaheim Players

Will Edmonton acquire Henrique and Carrick?

Henrique11335 %
Carrick195.9 %
Both5115.8 %
Neither14043.3 %
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