Evander Kane of the Edmonton Oilers
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Reports Suggest Evander Kane is Causing Problems Within the Oilers' Locker Room

Published February 27, 2024 at 9:54

It once seemed like a match made in heaven, but the shine seems to be wearing off. According to reports, the controversial Evander Kane is causing controversy in the Edmonton Oilers locker room, and it seems his teammates are getting tired of it.

Kane Reportedly Causing Stress in the Oilers Dressing Room

Kane's production has been dropping off this season, and he's been getting demoted in the lineup because of it. The 32-year-old isn't happy about that, and is showing it in the dressing room by sulking.

"We've seen that Kane hasn't been happy when he's been on the third line. I don't think there's a chemistry between him and Leon right now. I know that you watch body language and you watch the bench a lot, there was a very animated conversation two games ago between Kane and Leon on the bench. And all of a sudden, next game, they aren't playing together"

Evander Kane is Reportedly Getting Under the SKin of Teammates in Edmonton

This is obviously something the Oilers want to get under control and figured out as soon as possible. The question is, how? Kane has a history of rubbing teammates the wrong way (it happened in both Winnipeg and Buffalo), yet can be a very effective player when his mind is on what's happening on the ice.


The Oilers could look at trading Kane before the deadline in order to stabilize the locker room, but it likely wouldn't be an easy task. First of all, he has a full no-movement clause for this season and next, meaning he would have to first approve a trade to any team before it could go through. That changes to a 16-team no-trade list in the final year of his deal. Kane has a total of two seasons left on his contract after this one ends. He carries an annual cap hit of $5.125 million.
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Reports Suggest Evander Kane is Causing Problems Within the Oilers' Locker Room

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