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Referees Accused Of Bias Against Oilers' Star Draisaitl

Published February 18, 2024 at 11:14 PM

While their consistency has been in question this season, the Edmonton Oilers have had great success with one of their star players Leon Draisaitl. He has garnered one of the most impressive face-off percentages, winning nearly 57% of his draws. Yet, fans have called into question how often he is facing penalties at the dot for reasons some many would call ridiculous. However, the suspicions are not being placed on this player, but on something else entirely.

Referees Accused Of Deliberate Bias Against Draisaitl

Draisaitl of the Oilers appears to be one of the most-pulled players of this season. This may be normal for some players who constantly play dirty, but not necessarily regarding face-offs. Suspicions that referees have acted deliberately against this 28-year-old star player started to make headlines after Kurt Leavins made comments on Draisaitl's treatment in the Edmonton Journal.

"If you have watched the games, you will know that Draisaitl is repeatedly being kicked out. And a majority of those are over the most minute of issues. I covered hockey for 35+ years. I played at a decent level. I was even also a linesman at one point. I am telling you, something here smells. If I were the Oilers I would be crying foul."

While some may blow this up as a nut-case conspiracy theory, others are pulling up receipts from previous games this season. One such game in December against the New York Rangers shows the Oilers player frustratedly plead his case with an official who seems to be faking him out on the puck drop.

Fans Speculate On The Draisaitl Conspiracy

While some NHL loyals are trying to look away, others are starting to look deeper into the story. This has led more Oilers fans to ask questions and pull up data on the Draisaitl penalty record.

"I spend more time wondering about this than I should.

It's not just draisaitl, but there is not a game that goes by where a powerplay or offensive faceoff that he lines up and doesn't get kicked.
It's a huge number per game.
Is 10% sus?
What is his compared to league?"

On the other hand, a handful of more investigative fans are looking at why referees may be acting out against this player. Many suspect it could be a long-standing feud after Draisaitl made an apparent accidental slash on a referee after getting speared by the player he was aiming for nearly a year ago.

"Leon Draisaitl gets speared, takes a swing at the player and misses. Hits referee by accident, gets a "slashing" penalty?? 🤨"

While intentional slashing is not the best look for Draisaitl, it is pretty clear that he hit the referee on accident. Even aside from that circumstance, there is no good reason to conspire against a player. It goes against the integrity of the game, and is worthy of further investigation.

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Referees Accused Of Bias Against Oilers' Star Draisaitl

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