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Oilers Fans Furious Following A Provocative Move By The Team's Owner

Published March 12, 2024 at 10:37 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have had one of the best turnarounds this season, going from one of the worst-performing teams to one of the best. However, this success is currently being clouded by recent actions by the team's owner.

Oilers Owner Hikes Up Ticket Prices

After becoming one of the highest revenue-generating teams, the owner Daryl Katz decided this money was not enough. It was recently announced that as a result of the higher demand for seats at the game, Katz decided to implement a major increase in ticket prices.

"This is extremely frustrating as an @EdmontonOilers season seat holder. I understand how prices typically increase every year, but there has to be a limit on how bad the price gouging is. A $67 season seat should NOT be $392 for the SCF, this is insane."

Katz Dragged For Ticket Price Increase

Of course, many Oilers fans are very upset by this development. Many of these fans originally wished to get season tickets themselves, but with an 11% increase for next year, and a 50% rise into playoffs, it is no longer feasible. The prices will steadily increase into the $300 minimum realm, which most hockey fans simply cannot afford. As a result, Katz is catching loads of hate for his apparent greed.

Edmonton is currently 10th in the league overall. Yet, if they want any of their fans to cheer them on as they aim for the Stanley Cup, they may need to get Katz to slow down on price gouging.

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Oilers Fans Furious Following A Provocative Move By The Team's Owner

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