Leon Draisaitl Explains Why He's The Reason They Lost Against The Avalanche

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March 18, 2024  (8:34)

Leon Draisaitl Of The Edmonton Oilers
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Last night saw one of the most anticipated games of the season thus far, with the Edmonton Oilers taking on the Colorado Avalanche. With some of the most talented players in the league on the ice all at once, there is no doubt we were bound to see some ridiculous plays. Yet, with such a dramatic end to the game, it is unsurprising that one of these players would take the blame for the loss.

Oilers Lose To Avalanche After Buzzer Beater In Overtime

After two periods of little scoring, the game between the Avalanche and Oilers started to heat up quickly, as both teams tied 2-2, leading to overtime. However, the Avalanche pulled out the victory after Artturi Lehkonen was able to make an incredible shot with only half a second left in overtime.

Draisaitl Takes Personal Responsibility For Oiler's Loss

Though Edmonton had played a great game against one of the best teams in the league, this was a tough loss for them given the effort put into tying the game. Afterward in an interview, Leon Draisaitl expressed the belief that the onus of the loss was on him.
"Just need a little, you know, half-a-second more awareness, um, at the end of the game there... I thought we had enough looks to potentially win the game... but, that's how these tight games go, right? It's a split second where... you know, I lost my guy there, and then the game's over, so..."

Fans Split On Who Lost The Game For The Oilers

While Draisaitl is one of the best players in the NHL, he can admit when he has made a mistake. Some fans have flamed him for this error, going back to the trope of calling him lazy. However, others are convinced that this loss is on more than just him.
Whether or not you believe the loss was all Draisaitl's fault or not, it does take some courage to take responsibility for the sake of a team. Hopefully, he and the team could learn from this mistake and keep their focus through each game until the buzzer goes off.
As seen on Leon Draisaitl acknowledges his error that led to Artturi Lehkonen's last-second game-winning goal - "It's a split second where I lost my guy"
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Leon Draisaitl Explains Why He's The Reason They Lost Against The Avalanche

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