Jealous, former Leaf explains why McDavid is in the finals instead of Matthews

Mackenzie Stern-Kolesnikow
June 6, 2024  (9:37)

Connor McDavid celebrating a goal
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During a recent interview, a former Maple Leafs player has explained why he believes Connor McDavid has made it to the Stanley Cup Finals before Auston Matthews.

Since being drafted first overall in the 2015 and 2016 NHL draft, Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews have been constantly compared. Each are both considered by many to be NHL stars.
The two players both had a shot at the playoffs, Matthews was eliminated rather early, while McDavid and the Oilers made it to the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals. Matthews has only won one round in the playoffs throughout his career, McDavid has won seven rounds.
McDavid has seen more playoff success than Matthews because he is not afraid to be a leader and take matters into his own hands if needed.
Throughout his career, McDavid has gotten 106 points in 67 playoff games, Matthews has only gotten 48 points in the 55 playoff games he has played. McDavid has managed to score almost twice as many points as Matthews with only 12 more playoffs games played.
In a recent episode of JD Bunkis Podcast, former Toronto Maple Leafs player Kris Versteeg explained why he thinks McDavid has seen more playoff success:
"What are the Oilers' top guys doing that the Leafs' top guys don't? They dominate."

Versteeg also explained that the Oilers do a better job at playing as a team and supporting their star players, he claimed that the Leafs lack this team unity which is one of the keys to success for playoff hockey:
"If you get your role guys understanding, buying in, loving what their doing, killing the clock essentially some of them. That's what the Leafs do not have."

When comparing the stats, it is difficult to see how the Oilers were superior to the Leafs before the playoffs. It is clear that the reason the Oilers have gone so far in the playoffs is because they have stronger leaders, with a team that knows how to play as a group.
Craig Berude has recently taken over as the Leafs coach, hopefully he will help lead the team to make a deeper run at next season's playoffs.
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Ex-Maple Leaf reveals why McDavid reached the Stanley Cup Finals before Matthews
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Jealous, former Leaf explains why McDavid is in the finals instead of Matthews

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