Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane playing a home game in the NHL.
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Evander Kane Seen Doing An Odd Pre-Game Ritual After Losing A Bet

Published February 18, 2024 at 2:01 PM

Evander Kane has been a polarizing figure in the NHL for many years now. This has continued recently after he once again faced the consequences of a bet he made. This time he made a wager with his teammates which led to a wacky pre-game ritual.

Kane's Wager With Teammates Leads To An Odd Pre-Game Ritual

The Edmonton Oilers had a turbulent beginning to their season. As a fun way to try and motivate the team to get back on track, Evander Kane made a wager with the other players. If they could go on a five-game win streak Kane would wear two Rolex watches during warmups.

Once the Oilers made a coaching change things began to click again. So much so that they went on a fantastic run. During this stretch of games, they sped right past the five-game win streak. Kane a man of his word took his lumps and wore the rolex before a recent game.

Thinking about how Evander Kane wore a Rolex on both hands during warmups because of a bet with the team. National league.

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With Kane's complicated past with betting this story does lose a bit of its fun innocence. Regardless it seems to have been a way for the Oilers to let loose leading to their current success.

Oilers On A Roll As They Climb Back Into The Playoffs

After starting their season at the bottom of the Pacific Division the Edmonton Oilers needed a major turnaround to save their season. With the firing of Jay Woodcroft, many believed this season was lost for the Edmonton Oilers.

A few months later the outlook for the Oilers is completely different. They are playing some of the best hockey they ever have and are back in a playoff spot. While many of their offensive players had horrific starts to the season many players including Evander Kane are back on track.

If the Oilers go on to make the playoffs or even make a deep run in them the turnaround they have had will be talked about. As part of that discussion, this wacky action by Evander Kane should be part of the conversation about improving the chemistry within the locker room.

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Evander Kane Seen Doing An Odd Pre-Game Ritual After Losing A Bet

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