Edmonton Oilers star forward Connor McDavid (left) and Leon Draisaitl (right) doing an interview with Sportnet.
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Connor McDavid Reveals What He Said To Oilers GM About The Trade Deadline

Published February 7, 2024 at 1:00 PM

In a new interview, Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid talked about the upcoming NHL trade deadline. He even let it slip what he told General Manager Ken Holland when they discussed potential trades.

McDavid Reveals He Gives Oilers GM Input On Potential Roster Moves

During this interview, the topic of Ken Holland came up. McDavid was complimentary of McDavid during his comments. He also revealed that in the past Holland has allowed McDavid and others to give their input on potential roster moves.

Of course we're always talking to Kenny. He's great that way, always including us, including other guys. We appreciate that and give our input where we see fit.

-Connor McDavid

With this new piece of information offered up by McDavid, the interview switched topics. He was then asked if he were to give input on what he believes the Oilers need most.

McDavid Reveals His Thoughts On The Oilers Current Roster

When asked about moves he would make at the trade deadline McDavid instead opted to talk about the players they currently have. He complimented his group while not really answering the question.

We feel good about our goaltending trio if you will, we still have Soup (Jack Campbell). One of those guys can get it done or in combination all three. We feel good about all six Dmen. I think they've been playing really well and upfront like Leo said we've been getting contributions all over

He does eventually elaborate and says he is not sure. He also praises Ken Holland for the difficult decisions he needs to make.

If there's one thing I could add, I don't know. I'm thankful that I don't have to make that decision. That's why they pay Kenny the big bucks

In the end, it sounds as though Connor McDavid and others will have an impact on the moves made at the NHL trade deadline. The final decision will ultimately come down to GM Ken Holland.

Below is a link to the entire interview and all of McDavid's comments.

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Connor McDavid Reveals What He Said To Oilers GM About The Trade Deadline

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