Connor McDavid in a post-game interview
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Connor McDavid gives hilarious response to claims he carries the team

Published May 11, 2024 at 7:29 PM

There is no question that Connor McDavid is one of the greatest hockey players of today. However, he made it known that he does not work alone in a hilarious response to claims that he carries the Edmonton Oilers.

Connor McDavid is undoubtedly a stellar hockey player and remains incredibly valuable for the Oilers. When Edmonton was down 2-3 in their second game against the Vancouver Canucks, he was the player to break away from everyone and score the tying goal that sent both teams into overtime.

"You can only hope to contain him. Connor McDavid announces his presence and we are tied. #Canucks #LetsGoOilers"

Yet, despite the fact that he could not be successful without the help of his entire team, one reporter asked him in a post-game interview asked him how he felt the remaining players did. Additionally, h implied that McDavid ultimately carried the team.

"How much did you feel that it was a good effort by the team? How much did it feel that you had to somewhat carry the team?"

However, being the class act he is, McDavid pulled out the respectable captain card and gave due credit to all his teammates for their effort.

"That's not the case at all. I thought we were 12 forwards, 6 d-men and a goalie. Everybody that was here in our room. Everybody was pulling on the rope tonight."

The Edmonton Oilers will play their third round-two playoff game against the Vancouver Canucks tomorrow night at their home stadium. Regardless of whichever team takes the series lead, we can probably bet on another reporter asking McDavid a silly question.

Source - Oilers Insider
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Connor McDavid gives hilarious response to claims he carries the team

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