Bad news confirmed for Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 27, 2024  (6:56 PM)

Edmonton Oilers star player Connor McDavid.
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The Oilers were clearly not in tip top shape for the playoffs, and Kris Knoblauch just confirmed the many injuries the team had to deal with throughout.

Many fans likely will not be surprised to hear that both Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl played through some pretty significant injuries in these playoffs. Draisaitl, in particular, was hampered by injuries to his hand and ribs. It seems as though he may have had a broken rib and bone in his hand. Apparently, it was so bad, Knoblauch and the rest of the coaching staff were not sure if he would even be playing on a nightly basis.
Kris Knoblauch said Leon Draisaitl had hand and rib injuries that left staff questioning whether he could play, while forward Evander Kane had a sports hernia and captain Connor McDavid was also playing hurt. #yeg #Oilers

Despite the Oilers' huge advance into the playoffs, these injuries were still kept secret. Fans have theorized that McDavid had some kind of hand injury due to his decreased shot volume in the last two series. However, Knoblauch did confirm that Evander Kane had a hernia, a fact that Kane himself had disclosed before the playoffs began.
Little in the way of injury details from Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch. He said Connor McDavid played through an injury but wouldn't disclose it. He said Leon Draisaitl had a rib and hand injury. He said Evander Kane had a sports hernia, which Kane disclosed before the playoffs.

Kris Knoblauch provides an update on the injuries the Oilers were dealing with throughout the playoffs.

Many feel that all these injuries heavily impacted the Oilers performance in the playoffs and that may be true. If their star players were at full health, they may have been able to clinch the victory and win the cup, but that's in the past now, and we'll never truly know.
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Bad news confirmed for Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers

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