BREAKING: NHL Teams Vote To Decentralize Draft

Published October 25, 2023 at 6:46 PM

NHL Draft To Undergo Major Changes

Elliotte Friedman revealed today on 32 thoughts that the NHL GMs have voted to change the draft format. The news comes after it was reported that the league was interested in moving towards a remote draft similar to the style the NFL and MLB use.


No longer will the entire NHL gather at a single location for the draft. While the changes are not yet finalized, we can assume that most teams will host their own events in their cities with the scouting teams and GMs calling in to the league to announce their picks and trades. There will still be a central location where the players will be and team representatives along with media personnel will be there to greet the players as they are drafted.

Friedman did not say when these changes are due to go into effect but it is likely that it will not be this year as the entire league will need time to adjust. Interestingly, Friedman hinted that the vote to change the draft was not close.

"This is still developing, but, according to several sources, the vast majority of NHL teams voted to decentralize the draft."

As seen on 32 Thoughts: NHL teams vote to decentralize the draft
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BREAKING: NHL Teams Vote To Decentralize Draft

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