Brad Marchand Can't Leave Connor Bedard Alone

Published October 25, 2023 at 6:38 PM

Brad Marchand made headlines the last time the Bruins faced the Blackhawks as he targeted Connor Bedard, getting in his face and preventing him from accessing the bench. It was a move that angered a lot of fans but it was certainly a Marchand thing to do.


Marchand Doubles Down On Bedard

Yesterday, the Bruins and Blackhawks faced off again for the second time this season as part of the NHL's Frozen Frenzy. In the game, Marchand picked up right where he left off, pestering Bedard.

Notably, Bedard had a goal called back in the matchup against the Bruins. The call was controversial, upsetting many Blackhawks fans. While the play was determined to be offsides, the Blackhawks maintained procession for nearly a minute after the zone entry, leading some fans to question the rule.

That being said, the Bruins and Blackhawks will not face off against each other again until next season as they have already rapped up their season series. Boston won both games but Bedard did score a goal in their first matchup.

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Brad Marchand Can't Leave Connor Bedard Alone

How many goals will Bedard score this year?

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