Leon Draisaitl during an interview at the NHL All-Star weekend.
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Leon Draisaitl Sends Bold Warning to Canucks Ahead of Next Game

Published February 4, 2024 at 8:43 PM

Leon Draisiatl had some choice words in an interview during All-Star weekend in Toronto, sending a pretty bold warning to the Vancouver Canucks ahead of their next game.

Draisaitl Wants Revenge on Canucks After Past Beatdowns

All-Star Weekend was a fun event for fans, seeing the best stars do some funny events and media throughout the weekend. However, it didn't seem to be all fun and games for Oilers superstar Leon Draisaitl. When asked about the team he'd like most to beat, he responded with the Vancouver Canucks.

"yea LA. Vancouver. Because they slapped us around a little bit, a couple of times this year, so yea, I'd like to get some redemption there." Draisaitl said.

The Canucks have had the best of the Oilers every game this year, including two pretty large beatdowns with scores of 8-1 and 6-2. They don't play again until April 13th, however, its obvious that Draisaitl has that game circled on his calendar.

Draisaitl Had a Tough Time During The Passing Challenge at the All-Star Event

The Oilers had a good showing at the All-Star event from captain Connor McDavid, who won the whole thing and took home the million bucks for doing so. Draisaitl, on the other hand, didn't have the same luck and struggled especially in the passing contest.

leon draisaitl struggled to get anything going in the passing challenge.

The whole weekend was a great experience for fans, but now it is back to business for Draisaitl and McDavid as they prepare for the second half of this year's campaign.

As seen on Canucks Daily - "LATEST | Leon Draisaitl sending warnings at the Canucks for their play"
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Leon Draisaitl Sends Bold Warning to Canucks Ahead of Next Game

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