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Former Oilers Coach Jay Woodcroft in Major Trouble

Published December 20, 2023 at 10:17

Former Oilers Coach Jay Woodcroft is currently on the open job market, however, it appears he isn't being considered for recent openings.

Jay Woodcroft In Trouble As He Isn't Considered For Job Openings

Firing Jay Woodcroft was one of the first decisions the Oilers made trying to turn their season around this year. It could have been for good reason, too, as the Oilers later went on to win 8 straight finding their way out of the bottom of the standings.

With Woodcroft remaining unemployed, it appears he may have some trouble finding his way back into the job market. Openings like the Ottawa Senators coaching job have come up, but it appears Woodcroft is not being considered.

Why does no one want Jay Woodcroft??

This Season has Already Seen Many Head Coaches Fired in the NHL

It could be that Woodcroft is not being considered for the position as the market is saturated, with four head coaches already being fired from their positions this year including Woodcroft.

We will see where Woodcroft ends up, if he will land another job this season or will have to wait for the offseason to figure out his future plans.
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Former Oilers Coach Jay Woodcroft in Major Trouble

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