Evander Kane Faces Massive Criticism After Shane Pinto's 41-game Suspension

Mark Parsons
October 27, 2023  (11:28)


Shane Pinto, a free agent forward from the Ottawa Senators, was suspended for 41 games due to activities related to sports wagering, although there was no evidence of him wagering on NHL games. The suspension followed a report indicating "proxy betting" was a significant issue, where others had access to a legal gambling account in Pinto's name. This practice is disallowed by companies like FanDuel. New Jersey fined DraftKings $150,000 for allowing similar proxy bets in March 2022. Pinto's gambling account exhibited unusual activity, triggering an investigation that began in the summer.
This suspension, retroactive to the Senators' first game, will allow Pinto to play from Jan. 21, although he's likely to remain unsigned with the Senators until he serves his suspension. All previous contract offers to Pinto from the team have been retracted.
Senators' Pinto to be suspended 41 games for violating NHL gambling rules

Same Offence; Different Punishment

This suspension has refocused attention on Evander Kane from the Edmonton Oilers, who previously admitted to a gambling addiction, placing up to 50 bets daily with illegal bookmakers. Despite signing a $49 million contract with the San Jose Sharks, Kane filed for bankruptcy in 2021, disclosing $26.8 million in debt. His contract was terminated, later signing with the Oilers. Kane, having claimed to address his gambling issues, faced no suspension even amid accusations from his estranged wife of betting on hockey games and throwing matches for gambling gains. He denied such accusations, with the NHL not suspending him post-investigation.
Evander Kane guaranteed multi million dollar gambling loans (which he never paid back) with his San Jose Sharks contract and didn't receive any sort of suspension but Shane Pinto gets 41 games for some harmless betting with his own money ? #nhl

Mixed Messages

Fans expressed astonishment at Pinto's lengthy suspension, contrasting it with Kane's situation, who faced no suspension despite serious allegations. Following Pinto's suspension, Kane reiterated on Twitter his innocence regarding betting on hockey. The NHL considers Pinto's case closed following his apology, unless new data emerges, likely maintaining a similar stance towards Kane amidst continuous fan inquiries.
Evander Kane was reportedly $26 million in debt for gambling debts accumulating from placing up to 50 bets a day with his bookies. I think it's completely incredulous to suggest Shane Pinto could be serving 41 games for betting on another sport. There's more to it.

Honest question: if Shane Pinto did not bet on NHL games, why has he been suspended? Are we to believe no other NHL player has ever placed a non-NHL bet? Some are well known gamblers, such as Evander Kane - no suspensions for him. So what triggers this for Pinto?

Also, did Evander Kane not declare bankruptcy for debts related to gambling? @NHL Where was his suspension? I'm not saying Shane Pinto didn't deserve a suspension, but it'd be nice to have enough information to know what exactly was his transgression. 🙃

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Evander Kane Faces Massive Criticism After Shane Pinto's 41-game Suspension

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