Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers waving to fans during the NHL All-Star Skills Competition.
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Connor McDavid Facing Speculation That He Rigged The Skills Competition For Himself

Published February 3, 2024 at 10:04

After last night's performance in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, Connor McDavid is facing some rumours that he rigged the competition in his own favour.

McDavid Helped Redesign Skills Competition Then Wins It Himself

The NHL took a big swing this year for its All-Star skills competition after several years of it falling flat with fans. To improve it, they leaned on the expertise of Connor McDavid to help them come up with challenges that would bring the excitement back to the competition.

They did a great job, as the skills competition was much more interesting and engaging than it was in years past. No one was shocked when Connor McDavid was the one to walk away with the $1 Million prize for winning the whole competition. However, some are taking to social media to question just how much say McDavid had in designing the competition, and if he maybe tilted the ice in his own favour. Even James Mirtle of the Athletic had something to say about it.

Connor McDavid wins the Connor McDavid skills competition.

Good for him.

McDavid Might Just Be the Best Player in the NHL

Obviously, his involvement makes it an interesting story to try and tell, but to be fair, McDavid would have likely walked away with the million dollars no matter who designed the skills competition. It's almost without question that he is the best all-around player in the NHL, as he proves nearly every night with the Oilers.

McDavid did note after the event that other players were involved in helping redesign the competition, and it wasn't just him. Either way, he will be walking away from his business trip in Toronto with a cool 1 Million dollars.

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Connor McDavid Facing Speculation That He Rigged The Skills Competition For Himself

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