Edmonton Oilers forward Corey Perry
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BREAKING: Shocking Update On Edmonton Oilers Forward Corey Perry

Published February 2, 2024 at 2:37 PM

Corey Perry had his contract terminated last November and now the NHLPA is going to attempt to stick up for their player with an appeal.

NHLPA Expresses Desire To File A Greivance

NHL insiders have dropped some major news regarding Corey Perry's contract termination from last November.

Bill Daly says the NHLPA has "threatened" to file a grievance on behalf of Corey Perry for his late November contract termination by the #Blackhawks.

NHL & NHLPA agreed to extend the deadline for Corey Perry to file a grievance against his contract termination from Chicago. Previous deadline was this past week. League supports Chicago's decision, Bill Daly indicated union wants to appeal

It is now up to Perry if he would like to appeal the decision but given how he currently has a contract in Edmonton, he may decide against doing so.

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BREAKING: Shocking Update On Edmonton Oilers Forward Corey Perry

Will the NHLPA file a grievance?

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