Connor Bedard, the future of the Chicago Blackhawks, jumping on the ice.
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Two Top Players Linked to the Chicago Blackhawks

Published December 29, 2023 at 10:14

Connor Bedard's rookie season has brought a lot of attention on the Chicago Blackhawks. With the way he's been playing, there's not doubt that he'll become one of the best players in the NHL. With that success comes a lot of rumors about who could join him in Chicago to help the organization win a Stanley Cup.

Two Top Players to Join the Blackhawks Next Season?


A new report suggests that William Nylander and Elias Pettersson, from the Maple Leafs and the Canucks, could join the Blackhawks this summer.

"Do not be surprised if you see Elias Pettersson try to make his way to the Chicago Blackhawks to be with Bedard next year.

I can see him out of there (Vancouver), and what a spot to go to. And that's a team (Chicago) that has the cap space, right?"

"Nylander, too. There's been a lot of talk of Nylander going to Chicago as well. That's part of it, too."

Exploring the Potential Impact of These Players in Chicago


The addition of either, or possibly both, of these players could significantly speed up the Blackhawks' rebuild. After the upcoming draft, the team will possess a lot of young prospects. With one or two top veterans, they could be in a contending position in the next few seasons.

Both of them will be free agents after this season and could get significant raises with their next contracts. The Blackhawks currently have around $17 million available in cap space and they could put these funds to good use sooner than later.

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Two Top Players Linked to the Chicago Blackhawks

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