Connor Bedard staring down an opposing fan as he celebrates a goal.
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Connor Bedard Has Finally Started To Silence His Doubters According To An NHL Insider

Published December 28, 2023 at 8:46 PM

Earlier today an NHL insider confirmed that Connor Bedard is starting to win over some of the people who felt he was overhyped.

Bedard Hype Train Leaves The Station

Over a year ago now the Connor Bedard hype train took off full speed. He was getting Connor McDavid-level praise for his play in the WHL with Regina. Since then the hype has only built more and more. Bedard's first NHL goal was seen around the sports world on every major outlet.

All of this hype and praise of such a young player created some individuals that were not convinced. Whether it was current or former players and coaches or everyday fans Bedard had his doubters. Despite all the noise this season has brought Bedard is starting to find his groove and prove those people wrong.

Bedard Silences His Doubters Says NHL Insider

With so much hype and doubt Connor Bedard's rookie season has been a spectacle. He was on national television for his first several games. He also had to deal with rumors involving Corey Perry and his mother. Despite all of this Connor Bedard is everything he was advertised to be.

In Bedard's last 10 games, he has 12 points and is finally finding some consistency. His confidence has shot up too evidenced by his recent lacrosse-style goal.

According to NHL insider and reporter Emily Kaplan Bedard's play as of late has earned him a lot of respect around the NHL.

Earlier in the season, some veteran NHL coaches & players were quietly complaining about how much media coverage Connor Bedard was getting.

But the rookie has just delivered for Chicago, again and again. Haven't heard those comments in weeks.

Bedard is well on his way to the Calder Trophy for Rookie of the Year this season. He is also on pace for 36 goals which is unreal for a rookie. If Bedard continues on this trajectory he will soon be one of the best players in the NHL and have no one left doubting him

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Connor Bedard Has Finally Started To Silence His Doubters According To An NHL Insider

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