Ryan Reaves Tears Apart Corey Perry

Published October 16, 2023 at 8:18 PM

In a recent exchange caught on camera, Ryan Reaves let Corey Perry know exactly how he feels about him.

Ryan Reaves Gets Into Heated Exchange With Corey Perry Between the Benches

In tonight's Blackhawks-Leafs game, Ryan Reaves has continued to bring the energy for Toronto, this time throwing some chirps at Corey Perry between the benches. Perry and Foligno were both vocal during Noah Gregor's fight in the play, to which Reaves let Perry know he has been patiently waiting for him to back up his talk.

"Why do you think I give a f--k what you say? Huh? What, what are you gonna do about it?

You never back it up though. Never f--king back it up, never." - Reaves to Perry

Reaves vs. Perry is the rivalry we all came to watch.

Reaves and Perry are No Strangers and Have Had Their Exchanges Before

Reaves and Perry are no strangers to each other and have had their exchanges between the benches before. Reaves and Perry even got into it with each other on their very next shift, though Perry seemed a little less eager to get into it with Reaves.

The Amazing Adventures of Reaves and Perry

Reaves could be the first Leaf in history to record a fight in his first three games of the season.
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Ryan Reaves Tears Apart Corey Perry

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