Former NHLer Exposes the Chicago Blackhawks for Cheating

Published December 11, 2023 at 10:27

In a new revelation, Jordin Tootoo has come out with a book
Mind Over Matter
that has the NHL questioning the authenticity of the matter. The book was published recently by former professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo, who used to play for the Chicago Blackhawks, but, denies ever misusing the system.

How will the NHL respond to the criticism?

The NHL has yet to respond but many are speculating that the LTIR in the NHL has to be misused in a way that teams can maneuver out of to secure top-notch talent or at least financial assets. But, the matter comes with other proximities that teams may go through to secure this type of matter and avoid a situation in the league that might alter their gameplay.

The LTIR is not a simple system to use, however, because of the complexity of the matter itself. It has to be approved by the league and made sure that the team is compliant with the subject of the matter. That no loopholes are being provided and no sense of cheating is detected. There are also financial penalties that come with the subject, if any rule is broken, which may be hefty.

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Former NHLer Exposes the Chicago Blackhawks for Cheating

Should the LTIR be investigated by the league if teams are caught misusing it?

Yes14680.7 %
No3519.3 %
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