Erik Gudbranson Goes Berserk After Dirty Hit By Nick Cousins

Published December 10, 2023 at 8:29 PM

Chaos broke out in Columbus tonight after Panthers forward Nick Cousins made a dangerous hit on Erik Gudbranson. The referees made matters worse when they downgraded Cousins' penalty from a major to a minor.

Referees Make Controversial Call By Downgrading Major Penalty

Cousins was initially given a major penalty for boarding on Erik Gudbranson. Given the nature of the play, many fans were satisfied by this call.

After review, it's been reduced to a minor penalty for #FlaPanthers' Nick Cousins. So just two minutes, not five.

But Sam Bennett and Gudbranson are in the box for roughing.

Still a two-minute power play for Columbus.

Here's a look at the hit.

Gudbranson Gets Revenge On Cousins

Gudbranson made it clear that he did not appreciate the play. Immediately after both player's penalties expired, he went after him. Gudbranson eared himself 27 penalty minutes on the play.

Erik Gudbranson absolutely LOSES IT on Nick Cousins for a dirty hit he took from Cousins earlier in the period 😳👊

One has to think this situation could have been avoided if the officials simply stuck with their initial call of a major for boarding on Cousins. There is a strong argument to be made that they should have stuck with the call just for game management reasons. This outcome was somewhat predictable.

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Erik Gudbranson Goes Berserk After Dirty Hit By Nick Cousins

Do you agree with the call on the Cousins hit?

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