Blackhawks Veterans Speak Up About Perry Situation For First Time

Published December 10, 2023 at 9:01 PM

Corey Perry's contract termination has been one of the most shocking stories in the NHL this season. Today two Blackhawks veterans shared their thoughts on the situation for the first time.

Foligno And Murphy Address Perry Contract Termination

Perry's contract termination was by far the biggest development in the Blackhawks season so far. Many of the players have been somewhat hesitant to comment on the situation so far but today that changed as Nick Foligno and Connor Murphy decided to share their thoughts on the situation.

"I come from some experience of just being here, having some comfort with the staff and team, and knowing what we've been through and what doesn't work. Knowing [my way] around can help with anyone who's either uncomfortable or seems like they're trying to find themselves in a new organization." - Connor Murphy

Nick Foligno described how the team is missing Perry's presence at the moment.

"There was a little bit of a lull on that road trip, when the dust settled and you realized [Corey is] really not coming back. You could tell the energy he brought was missing. You mourn that loss, and then you realize, ‘Alright, it's not changing, so what are we going to do to get the energy back?' We realized other guys have to step up.

A younger guy is more willing to speak up and more comfortable in a home environment. You get to chat with them more about their lives. Little things come out of those dinners that help the bonding experience.'' - Nick Foligno

It is unclear whether or not Perry will return to the NHL this season, or at all. Multiple teams have expressed interest in the 38-year-old but it is unclear whether or not he has any desire to rejoin the league.

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Blackhawks Veterans Speak Up About Perry Situation For First Time

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