Connor Bedard and Blackhawks Rookies Called Out By Veteran Forward After Loss

Published November 27, 2023 at 10:24

After another loss, this veteran forward called out Connor Bedard and his fellow Blackhawks rookies telling them that now is their chance.

Nick Foligno Shares Choice Words With Media Regarding Blackhawks Current State

The Chicago Blackhawks are on the verge of becoming a great team again, however, they are still missing a few pieces for long term success. With Connor Bedard leading the rebuild, their future is bright. However, Nick Foligno thinks that the time is now for the Blackhawks to figure out who they are.

Foligno shared the following comments after a loss to St. Louis. The 36-year-old reminded his younger teammates that every game matters.

"We're just one win, one loss, one win, one loss. It's a frustrating road to be on. But we have to understand why we're in it."

Nick Foligno on the Blackhawks' 4-2 loss to the Blues

Foligno continued his post-game interview by calling out the younger players on the team who are being given a chance to help build a new culture in Chicago, in hopes of lighting a fire under them.

"Your hair should be on fire this whole year. Because you could be a big part of building this and being a part of the future of this. There is no excuse for that. Every time we step on the ice, find your motivation whatever it may be. I can think about 10 (things) already and I'm a 36-year-old guy. So that should through every guy in this room."

Balckhawks Missing Major Veteran Players In Crucial Point of the Season

This quarter of the season is crucial for the Blackhawks if they want to become a playoff-contending team. Slip too far, and they might not make the playoffs. Unfortunately, they will be missing key guys like Taylor Hall and Corey Perry for the time being.

MEDICAL UPDATE: Taylor Hall will undergo surgery on his right knee. Hall is expected to miss the remainder of the Blackhawks season.

Statement from Pat Morris of Newport, who represents Corey Perry:

The Chicago Blackhawks are clearly going to be a team that contends, with Bedard at the helm of their rebuild. The only remaining question is how quickly they can get there.

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Connor Bedard and Blackhawks Rookies Called Out By Veteran Forward After Loss

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