Connor Bedard Gives Reporter Attitude After Tough Question

Published October 3, 2023 at 8:42 PM

It's no question Connor Bedard has the spirit of a true competitor. It takes a special drive for someone to develop the sheer amount of skill a player like Bedard has. Now, we are seeing just how far that spirit goes in determining his passion for winning.

Bedard Gives Reporter Some Attitude After Tough Question


After the Blackhawks got smacked by the Red Wings 6-1 in their preseason game, the media had some questions for Bedard. One question in particular was how it felt to lose a game like that despite it only being preseason. Bedard's response had some attitude to it.

I was thrilled.

—Connor Bedard's tongue-in-cheek response to how he felt losing 6-1 to the Red Wings, despite it being preseason game

This is some sarcasm aimed at the reporter asking a pretty obvious question, but it shows just how Bedard feels about winning no matter the situation. It's also nice to see the young forward get more comfortable in front of the media.

Bedard and Blackhawks Hope to Turn Things Around This Year

There is a lot of pressure on Bedard to turn things around for the Blackhawks organization this year. The rookie is touted to be the next Patrick Kane for the club. He hasn't let the stardom get to his head though, and it is been clear throughout training camp that he not only belongs in the NHL but is determined to be the best through his work ethic.

Oliver Moore said Connor Bedard's work ethic and the way he carries himself off the ice is «already rubbing off on me.» #Blackhawks

Connor Bedard is out here shooting pucks by himself nearly an hour after practice ended. The Blackhawks may have to force him to get off the ice this season.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "Connor Bedard Gets Snappy With Reporters"
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Connor Bedard Gives Reporter Attitude After Tough Question

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