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Carolina Hurricanes limit ticket sales dawning backlash from fans

Published May 2, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Round 2 is ready to begin between the Rangers and Hurricanes, but Carolina has decided to limit their ticket sales to those of close proximity to North Carolina.

In an article written by Julian McKenzie of The Athletic, it was outlined that the Hurricanes will be limiting ticket sales for their second round matchup against the New York Rangers. This was met with some backlash but not in the way some may think. If you go to The Athletic's post on X about the situation many have come to the defense of the Hurricanes organization and have pointed out that many other teams have done this and are doing this as well but their was/is no media coverage.

This is what HoopIMust on X had to say in a reply on X,

"Why is it that only Carolina gets hit pieces ragging on them for restricting ticket sales to local markets. Nashville did that this round and it barely made the news. Florida did for their entire postseason run last year and will likely do so again in the next round."

Not only has backlash come from fans but also former NHLer and former Hurricane, Aaron Ward, who was quick to point out that the New York Ranger fanbase is abundant in the Raleigh-Durham Area, and the fanbase for the Rangers is not completely gone.

Sourced from: The Athletic NHL - Hurricanes restrict ticket sales to local fans for Rangers playoff series
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Carolina Hurricanes limit ticket sales dawning backlash from fans

Who is taking this second round series?

New York Rangers27866.3 %
Carolina Hurricanes14133.7 %
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