Sidney Crosby Makes A Bold Prediction Regarding Connor McDavid

Published September 24, 2023 at 8:07 PM

Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are two of the NHL's standout talents. Crosby has three Stanley Cups under his belt, while McDavid is still chasing his first. However, Crosby is confident that McDavid is on the brink of achieving something extraordinary.

Crosby Makes A Bold Prediction Regarding McDavid

Last season, Connor McDavid stunned everyone by scoring a whopping 150 points, a major milestone in his career. This feat was considered nearly impossible in today's competitive NHL. But Crosby believes McDavid's scoring journey is far from over.

In an interview with NHL.com's Mike Zeisberger, Crosby was asked about the possibility of McDavid reaching 170 points in the future.

"I mean, I didn't think 150 was going to be in the cards for him but he found a way to get there," Crosby said. "So, I don't think anything is out of the question for him as far as numbers are concerned."

"He just finds a way to find another level time and time again, so I would never bet against him."

Crosby's confidence in Connor McDavid speaks to McDavid's consistent ability to exceed expectations since entering the NHL. The last time a player scored 170 points was in 1988-89 when Mario Lemieux did it.

McDavid's Quest for New Heights with the Oilers in 2023-24

Connor McDavid is gearing up for a crucial year with the Edmonton Oilers. The goal is to win the Stanley Cup, and McDavid is also focused on improving his own performance.

The Oilers' success this season largely depends on McDavid playing at his best. After setting a career-high in points, McDavid aims to surpass himself. While 170 points is a big target, McDavid's exceptional talent makes it possible.

However, McDavid's primary goal is playoff success. With Jack Eichel, the second overall pick in the 2015 Draft, winning a Stanley Cup last season, there are questions about McDavid's ability to lead the Oilers to a cup.

The greatest players in the game not only post impressive stats but also win championships and shine in the postseason. So far, McDavid hasn't fully achieved this, but the 2023-24 season offers a golden opportunity for him to change the narrative and establish himself as a playoff champion.

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Sidney Crosby Makes A Bold Prediction Regarding Connor McDavid

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