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The NHL releases a warning prior to the Bruins-Panthers game

Published May 10, 2024 at 4:46 PM

The Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins round two playoff series has been one of the most aggressive this year. So much so, that the NHL was forced to deliver a warning to both teams ahead of their game today.

The Flordia Panthers have been looking to take down the Boston Bruins for the second consecutive year and made that clear after tying the series with a major 6-1 win. However, that game was filled with more aggression and violence than most. The third period in particular was characterized by sporadic brawls and and a dirty fight between Matthew Tkachuk and David Pastrnak.

"It's hard to overstate just how dirty these extra cheap shots were by Matthew Tkachuk on David Pastrnak. Embarrassing to put on video by the Panthers forward.

There won't be a call from Player Safety obviously but this is DIRTY"

Though many fans were elated to see some real, old-school hockey, these fights did not come without some consequences. The NHL has warned both teams that the series will be heavily scrutinized as it progresses as a result of the nastiness on the ice.

"Game 3 tonight between Florida and Boston. Game 2 certainly had a nasty tone to it amplified by the Pastrnak/Tkachuk scrap. Both clubs have been told by the NHL this series will be heavily scrutinized moving forward."

While player safety is an important aspect to consider, most fans were not pleased by this announcement. For many of them, the fighting we saw in game two is what has been missing from the playoffs so far.

The Panthers and Bruins will play game 3 of their series this evening at TD Garden in Boston. With a higher level of scrutiny, hopefully this series will remain interesting.

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NHL sends hilarious warning to Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers
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The NHL releases a warning prior to the Bruins-Panthers game

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