Brad Marchand Takes a Swing at Connor Bedard in Recent Interview

Published October 12, 2023 at 12:18

In a recent interview, Brad Marchand was asked about Connor Bedard, and he didn't hold his thoughts back.

Brad Marchand Lets Connor Bedard Know He is Bigger

Before the game yesterday, Brad Marchand was asked if he had any advice for Connor Bedard's upcoming year, or if he had any plans to say anything to the rookie, given they are both on the smaller side for the NHL. Marchand's response was typical for him.

"I'm bigger than him" - Brad Marchand on Connor Bedard

The two are pretty much the same size, though the tale of the tape has Bedard edging out Marchand in height (by 1 inch) and weight (by 9 pounds).

Marchand and Bedard Meet on the Ice in Typical Marchand Fashion

While Bedard's true welcome to the NHL moment was a wholesome faceoff between himself and the legendary Sidney Crosby, he got a warm welcome last night via Marchand treating him to his typical antics. During the game, Marchand tried to get under his skin by dragging him over to the Bruin's bench, nearly hooking him inside.

Brad Marchand introduces Connor Bedard to Brad Marchand

Bedard did end up scoring his first NHL goal against Marchand and the Bruins, however, they got the last laugh as they came out victorious in a 3-1 final.

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Brad Marchand Takes a Swing at Connor Bedard in Recent Interview

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