Patrik Koch skates during a Arizona Coyotes game.
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Coyotes player abandons team amid move to Salt Lake City

Published April 15, 2024 at 9:56 PM

The Arizona Coyotes are packing their bags for Salt Lake City post-season. After a recent team meeting, the players got wind of this relocation news. Even the team's chairman, Alex Meruelo, chimed in with a statement, expressing understanding for everyone's concerns but keeping mum on the details for now.

There has been a lot of discussion in recent days about the future of the Arizona Coyotes. I understand and empathize with the concerns of our fans, our community, our partners, our players, our front office, and all of our team members. I hope to address these issues as soon as I am able to speak on the topics.

We are focused on a myriad of issues that are unresolved, and therefore we are unable to make any official public comments at this time. However, you have my commitment that I am going to speak on all of these issues and publicly address all of your concerns as promptly as possible.


Alex Meruelo
Chairman & Governor

It seems the ship might be losing its
first mate. Defenseman Patrik Koch, is reportedly eyeing a move to the KHL. After a one-year stint with the Coyotes, it looks like he's ready to return to Russia and not go to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now, with the team potentially heading for new horizons, it's not exactly shocking to see players considering their options. Keep it here for more updates as news drops!
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Coyotes player abandons team amid move to Salt Lake City

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