REPORT: Clayton Keller Shuts Down Massive Leafs Rumor

Published September 12, 2023 at 11:40

One trade rumor, which was previously shrouded in uncertainty, has become somewhat clearer, thanks to a statement from a key player.

Keller to Toronto: Fact or Fiction?

With William Nylander's impending free agency, trade speculations involving him have been circulating widely. One particular rumor that has come to light involves a potential trade between Nylander and Clayton Keller. Both players are of similar ages and possess the skills required to contribute significantly to a contending team.

Previously, the link between these two players had been confined to the realm of rumors and speculations. However, a recent interview with Clayton Keller himself has shed light on the situation. During an interview with PHNX Sports on their Coyotes podcast, Keller addressed his future in Arizona and the rumors connecting him to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Keller Sets the Record Straight on Trade Rumors

In the interview, Keller was asked two pivotal questions: whether he had requested a trade and if there was any validity to the rumors regarding a Nylander-Keller swap. Here's what he had to say:

Interviewer: "Have you demanded a trade? Is the Nylander for Keller rumor true? Can we finally put that to rest?"

Keller: "(chuckles) Yeah no that's not true. I'm just focused on myself and the team here and I just love this group of guys and this is where I want to be right now"

This statement puts speculation to bed. While Keller is not actively seeking a trade, it's essential to acknowledge that the possibility of a trade cannot be ruled out entirely. Keller is under contract until 2028, with his no-trade clause becoming active next year. This means that if a trade involving Keller were to occur, it would likely transpire sooner rather than later.

Currently, the buzz surrounding Clayton Keller's potential move to Toronto has subsided. However, the situation remains fluid, and factors such as team performance and William Nylander's contract negotiations may still influence the trade landscape.

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REPORT: Clayton Keller Shuts Down Massive Leafs Rumor

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