New Development in the Alex Galchenyuk Incident

Published July 18, 2023 at 2:48 PM
As you probably know, Alex Galchenyuk was involved in a troubling incident with the police that led to his contract being bought out by the Coyotes, only days after the deal was made.

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There has been a major development in the story.


Galchenyuk Asks for Help and Apologizes

Earlier today, it was announced that Galchenyuk was officially joining the NHL's player assistance program and that he apologized to the police officers.

Here's the letter he sent to the officers:

"My actions after drinking alcohol were not representative of who I am, but I must take responsibility for them, and I hope to one day be able to show you that I am a better person than who you sadly encountered last week," Galchenyuk wrote. "What all of you do, putting your lives on the line to protect and serve others, is nothing short of selfless and heroic. I appreciate and respect each of you, and I want you to know I will work on myself every day with the goal of one day being able to make amends and to try to earn your forgiveness."

This is the message he had for the Arizona Coyotes organization and its fans:

"I am beyond embarrassed and disappointed with myself, and I feel awful for everyone I have let down," Galchenyuk wrote. "My family was counting on me to be better, the Coyotes and the amazing Coyotes fans deserve better, and the brave police officers who risk their lives to keep us safe deserve better."

What he did is unforgivable, and a letter isn't enough to redeem himself, but it is a first good step to make amends and start moving forward.

As seen on ESPN - Galchenyuk to enter assistance program, apologizes to police
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