Corey Perry in a game with the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Elliotte Friedman Provides An Update On Corey Perry And The Edmonton Oilers

Published January 16, 2024 at 3:38 PM
One of the stories that had a big part in the current NHL season is Corey Perry's contract termination by the Chicago Blackhawks.

With his eligibility to return officially announced by the NHL, there's a lot of specultion about where he might choose to sign next.

Elliotte Friedman Reveals Perry's Preferences for His Next Team


In a recent statement, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shared his Perry's preferences regarding his next team. Friedman suggested that Perry may not be looking to join a high-profile team like Toronto or Edmonton and would prefer a quieter destination

Friedman (TJMS): "I just think one of the questions, is Perry going to want somewhere quieter? TOR is a loud market, I don't think that's going to work. EDM's a louder market, though I definitely believe they have interest. Are there going to be some teams in quieter situations?"

Despite being 38 years old, Perry showed earlier this season that he can still bring a lot to a team.

Perry Can Still Contribute in the NHL

Before his termination, the veteran forward was ranked second for the Blackhawks in scoring, with nine points in 16 games.

Considering that teams wouldn't have to give up an asset to get him ahead of the trade deadline, there's probably many eager NHL teams to sign him.

Perry's known preference for a quieter market opens up possibilities for teams like the Florida Panthers, which could stand a good chance of adding him to their roster before the trade deadline on March 8th.

As seen on House of Hockey - NHL Insider Reveals Corey Perry's Preferred Destinations For Next Contract
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Elliotte Friedman Provides An Update On Corey Perry And The Edmonton Oilers

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