Blackhawks coach comments on perceived issues with Connor Bedard's Attitude

Published October 4, 2023 at 10:53
The Chicago Blackhawks landed an absolute star this past summer, with Connor Bedard expected to lead the team for years to come, but unfortunately, there's some issues the team need to deal with.

Attitude problems


When most No. 1 overall picks come into any sport, the biggest attitude problem teams have to worry about are arrogance and cockiness, but for the 'Hawks, it's the exact opposite for Bedard.

Fans and the media have noticed through his interviews and comments that Bedard is continuously very hard on himself, to a higher degree than a normal athlete, and now, his coach has addressed the issue.

[Bedard is] hard on himself, so we're going to have to lighten him up and make sure he enjoys these times. Because wins in the NHL are hard to come by - and once it starts for real, they're really hard to come by. We have to make sure we enjoy the night and have a little fun when you win a game.

A couple of those hiccups, [like] when we missed an open net or fell down on a 2-on-0, we have to make some humor out of that and make it fun to come to the rink the next day, not tense and grinding the stick. There's enough of that.

Tremendous talent

There's no doubting Bedard's talent, as he has looked every bit the star we've come to expect through a few pre-season games, and if he can have fun on the ice to go along with the talent, he'll be a treat for fans to watch.

Ultimately, the attitude will be an easy one to fix with the right coach, some talent around him and winning, but for now, fans will sit back and watch what is predicted to be one of the league's best rookie seasons in quite some time.

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Blackhawks coach comments on perceived issues with Connor Bedard's Attitude

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